Trent received the Kay Reynolds Beaty Scholarship to study piano performance with Dr. Jeremy Samolesky, the second ever double DMA graduate from Eastman School of Music.  He is also studying jazz and regularly performing with Dr. Michael Pendowski, another Eastman graduate and the composer for the NCAA/Madden football video games. Previously, Trent studied for 10 years under Larisa Morozova, a native of the former Soviet Union where she oversaw over 600 piano students as Director of Musical Operations.


Trent's unique playing style has developed from a melting pot of musical influences.  Studying the music of composers such as Bill Evans, Stevie Wonder, and Frederic Chopin has resulted in a genre-defying blend of piano performance. With a focus on elements such as rhythmic complexity, jazz and classical harmony, and emotional builds/crescendos, Trent's music appeals to the universal musical mind while offering a sincerely individual contribution.


Trent has played with many groups over the years for a wide variety of events.  He is the bandleader of a 7 piece funk band called The Magnolia Roots. The group just released their debut album called "Back To School" with 7 original tracks.  He also performs with the Auburn University Jazz Band and the "Evans Project" quartet, both led by Dr. Michael Pendowski. Previously, Trent was the keyboardist for Danny Dwyer.

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